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Thank you Liz, I really appreciate these nice words.

As you can see, the blog is taking a rest these weeks but I will return with strenght in August, not least encouraged by you.image

Maurice Tabard: Oeil et mer (Eye and Beach), 1949

More here and here

Jaroslav Rössler: Female portrait, 1920s

Photo by Duane Michals, gif’ed by tattooedtaint

Workshop of Dirk Bouts: Christ Crowned with Thorns (detail)

Photography by Christopher Relander.

Codrin Lupel: Cold Soul’s Window

Zoe Leonard: Anatomical Model of a Woman’s Head Crying, 1993

Monica Vitti in La Notte (The Night) directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961

Abe Frajndlich: Duane Michals, NYC, 2001

Billy Kidd shot by Billy Kidd

via billykidd

Bill Silano: On The Beauty Track, Harper’s Bazaar, July 1966

NB: This collage is not identical with this one.

Source: Devorah Macdonald